Oct 30, 2017

End of Season

The tourist season in Santorini has come to an end, at least according to the calendar. However, the island continues to impress not only the lucky visitors who are here, but also the locals who live in winter and summer in Santorini and have the opportunity to see the island all year long. We can assure you that there is nothing more charming than the volcano in the middle of the Caldera, covered with snow, looking like a huge candy sprinkled with powdered sugar! Such images, though rare, can only be enjoyed in the winter.

Moreover, the clarity of the atmosphere in autumn and winter in Santorini is unprecedented, as you can focus with your camera even to Folegandros or Anafi islands. If you are a photographer, you will especially appreciate Santorini at this time of year and you will enjoy the colors and clicks that the island offers you. With these images we say goodbye to you, in order to gain strength and prepare the next tourist season for you. With new experiences, refreshed services and everything you've loved over the years, at your disposal.
And do not forget that our island is open all year round! Yes, that’s right ... Many hotels and restaurants have chosen to stay open so they can offer you the hospitality and services you need in order to meet this different and charming side of Santorini: the winter!
Have a great winter, then, from the island where the holidays never end!