Oct 28, 2017

Celebrating 28 October 1940

Many events are scheduled for today in memory of the Second World War victims, as 28 October is a national holiday and remembrance day for Greeks.
The church bells will ring at 07.30 while schoolchildren will lay wreaths at the Heroes memorial later. In the central churches, you can attend services and then the parade will follow (at 11.00).
In Fira, where the largest parade is held, students from the schools, Air Force soldiers and the local Cretan and Pontiac Associations with their impressive traditional costumes will participate. The Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany the parade with marches. At the end of the parade, dancing groups will present Greek traditional dances.

After the events, you can enjoy a glass of local wine in Fira, where you will have the opportunity to stroll and go shopping. If you want to eat lunch at one of the fine restaurants of the island, make your reservations early, through your reception, because many people will opt to have lunch in a restaurant.