Sep 23, 2017

Saveakrotiri - Celebrating 50 years of Excavations in Akrotiri

Four years ago, local businesses and cultural societies as well as several individuals came to the aid of the archaeological site in its darkest hour. Due to the lack of funding and the financial crisis, the wall painting laboratories temporarily closed. It was then when the ‘SaveAkrotiri’ group was created in order to raise the funds to re-open the lab.
Akrotiri thankfully has received significant support from Greek and International sponsors over the last few years offering the opportunity for the conservation of the frescoes and ceramics to take place as well as for the excavation to continue.
Today, the Santorini Arts Factory will host the fourth installment of the important annual gathering to support and celebrate the excavation of Akrotiri. The event will include ceramics, wall-paintings and restoration workshops for children (16.00 – 19.00), a photo exhibition presenting the 50 years of excavation, gift shops, presentations (19.30 – 20.00) and concerts (20.15). It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about this magnificent site and show your love and support for the island! You can enjoy and participate in this important event from 16.00 – 22.00 at the Santorini Arts Factory in Vlychada. Entrance is free. For more information @saveakrotiri
Be there!