Sep 1, 2017

Morning Mass at Christos T' Athermi

If you feel adventurous, you have the unique opportunity tomorrow morning to attend a service different than the usual. A small church at an unknown place at the caldera, in Christos T’ Athermi in Megalochori, is holding a morning service at 07.00. We give you some information about the trail you need to walk!
The trail descends into a large but hidden caldera beach. It starts from the chapel beneath Athermi restaurant in the village of Megalochori, on the right side of the main road to Perissa. It descends sharply to the caldera and offers fantastic views of the sea, the beautiful geological landscape and the volcanic rocks.
Near the beach there are cave houses with thermal springs, where people in the past used to have their natural spa! A lot of attention is required, so you should wear hiking shoes and carry trekking poles. A good idea is also to carry water and supplies, because there is no place to get any.
If you feel intimidated, just think of the numerous elderly locals who will go to the morning mass!