Aug 6, 2017

Full Moon and Eclipse

There is a surprise for all of you who are in Santorini tomorrow night: a partial lunar eclipse visible in Greece! The August full moon, the most beautiful of all the year, is tomorrow, together with the eclipse. The moon rise is at 20:08 while the most striking effect will come at 21:22 in Greece.
The good news is that the observation of the eclipse can be done with the naked eye, with binoculars or with an amateur telescope, while you can photograph it even with a simple camera! The Earth's shadow is expected to cover about a quarter of the Moon, a figure that is thought to be enough for an impressive sight. According to astronomers, for the observers from Greece the beginning of the partial phase of the eclipse coincides with the moon rise. A slight darkening of the moon will be visible at the dawn of the moon, as the Earth's shadow will be already covering the entire lunar disc.
A solar eclipse will follow on 21 August but it will not be visible from Greece.

Where can you see the eclipse?
The best places to see the full moon rising from the sea are on the eastern beaches, such as Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa or if you are somewhere high, like Pyrgos, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Akrotiri, and the other beautiful villages of the island.