Aug 14, 2017

Celebrating the Assumption of Mary in Santorini

Everybody on the island is getting ready to celebrate the biggest religious holiday of the summer, the Assumption of Virgin Mary into Heaven in mid-August. People gather in churches dedicated to Her so as to honour Her, as She is considered inspiration and comfort.
There are about 50 churches dedicated to Virgin Mary in Santorini celebrating tonight and tomorrow! Among the most important celebrations of the Assumption held in Santorini are at the church of "Panagia Episkopi" in Mesa Gonia, the church of the "Assumption" in Akrotiri, in Firostefani, in Pyrgos and in Megalochori, “Panagia tou Kalou” near Pori, "Panagia Kokini" in Karterados as well as in Kera, Thirassia.

In the afternoon today, after the evening ceremony at 19.00, the church of "Panagia Episkopi" holds one of the oldest festivals in the Aegean and Greece, where crowds of worshipers gather in the churchyard to pray and eat “panigyri” and of course drink local wine.
If you are looking for a chapel, then the Panagia tou Kalou (Mary of the Good) in Pori is ideal. It was built in order to exorcise the evil, after the submarine volcano Coloumbos erupted in 1650, poisoning the fields and the animals.
It is worth participating in the feasts. You will be surprised by the hospitality of the locals and the massive participation of believers.