Aug 15, 2017

Celebrating the 15th August

The orthodox holiday that everybody is expecting, 15th August, is here with festivals and celebrations. After morning service today, which usually starts at 7 am and ends after 10 am, many churches around Santorini hold fairs. The worshipers eat the traditional “panigyri” made of fava and local wine. So try a nutritious breakfast that you will remember for years to come and who knows, you may get used to having fava as breakfast!
In the courtyard of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Akrotiri, near the lighthouse, an authentic island feast is held this year with traditional “panigyri”, plenty of wine and dancing. Get ready to practice your traditional dance steps!

Αt these beautifully decorated churches with colorful little flags where Mary is celebrated, you can find authentic images and learn local customs which are ideal for photos! Since ... when in Rome, do as the Romans!