Jul 5, 2017

Museums and Archaeological Sites

Santorini is one of the few places that reflect history of at least 3,500 years in just 70 square kilometers. The archaeological sites and museums of the island are among the most internationally acclaimed.
The prehistoric town of Akrotiri is often compared to Pompeii, although it is about 1,700 years older. The city flourished before the eruption of the volcano in the 17th c. BC and its wealth and civilization can be easily distinguished by the houses with their frescoes, the layout of the town and the everyday objects which were buried under the ashes.  
Ancient Thera
The island remained uninhabited for several centuries until the Spartans, led by King Theras, colonized the island on Mesa Vouno mountain in the 8th c. BC until the Hellenistic period.  
Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum of Fira was built in 1960 and houses the wonderful finds from the excavations in Ancient Thera, led by German Professor Hiller von Gaertringen in the beginning of the 20th c.
Museum of Prehistoric Thera
This modern museum hosts some of the stunning findings from the archaeological site of Akrotiri, such as the famous frescoes, jewellery and ceramics.