Jun 15, 2017

A visit at Akrotiri

One of the most impressive archaeological sites worldwide: Akrotiri, the buried town of Santorini.
The town developed in the southern part of the island, covered an area of ​​200,000 m2 and was one of the most significant Mediterranean ports. Even today it sets an example of the sophisticated civilization that flourished here 3,500 years ago. Its organization is exemplary, as there was dense infrastructure, extensive sewing system, multi-storey buildings, etc.However, the 17th c. BC volcanic eruption resulted in the abrupt halt of this fully developed rich society and its unique flourishing civilization, as it is depicted on the frescoes and the rich findings of the excavations in Akrotiri.

The city was buried under tons of ash and remained buried for nearly 3,500 years. The first signs of this civilization were discovered by French engineers who dug to use pumice in the 19th century. Professor Spyridon Marinatos began systematic excavation of the Akrotiri archaeological site in 1967 and, until his death in 1974, had unearthed magnificent findings.
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