Oct 27, 2016

Preparations for the 28 October National Day

If you are visiting Santorini or any other Greek area these days, you may have noticed Greek flags making their appearance in homes, buildings and roads. Across the country, preparations are taking place for the National Day with wreaths at heroes’ monuments, parades and dances.
On October 28, 1940 Greece replied "OXI" (meaning no) to the fascist ultimatum from Italy of Mussolini and Hitler. Italy responded by declaring war and attacking on the Albanian border while Greece defended with unity and militancy.

In Santorini, students will be paying their respect by offering wreaths at the monument of “Ieros Lohos” in Fira. The grand parade will take place in the capital and the villages of the island on Friday.
You should also bear in mind that, due to the national holiday on Friday, banks and public services will be closed.