Aug 31, 2016

Visual Arts Exhibitions

Two exhibitions are hosted in Santorini Arts Factory, in Vlychada until the end of September with free entrance. 
High Frequency Vibration
Artist Kelly presents the solo sculpting exhibition entitled “High Frequency Vibration” with 18 works dealing with energy vibrations on material and immaterial structures. In this exhibition the artist presents for the first time in public the new collection entitled "Enthalpy" which consists of 12 sculptures and some works by earlier themes that the sculptor has dealt with which are put together to create a harmonious atmosphere.
Action and Gesture
Apostolis Zolotakis presents his painting series “Action and Gesture”. The energy emanating from the paintings refers to action painting, however this is an illusion. In these works the conception and execution is based on design, as they have been created in more or less indirect way.