Jul 28, 2016

SAF events

As part of the conference event entitled "The Logics of Images", the following cultural events will be held today at the Santorini Arts Factory in Vlychada.
Spatial sketching, a SonicPlanet sound walking workshop, related to the art project Flyways.
Spatial sketching involves the creation of a sound walk providing the composition of 3D soundscapes through body movement. We explore the practice of promenadology. Time: 18.30
ON/Walking and Thinking/OFF
Exploring walking in a playful way, while thinking, reimagining the simple act of walking and thinking simultaneously. Walking on the beach while reflecting on a short text. Sounds in open space mix naturally, allowing to compose a soundscape with the body. Time: 20.00

Poems with math
Many people believe that mathematics and poetry are the subjects opposite to each other, and the poetry is a subject of free imagination. However, fascination for mathematics is not rare among poets. Others have proven that the mathematics helps to create literary works very well. Time: 21.00