Jul 25, 2016

Ancient Greek Comedy on the Volcano

What else could you ask for, other than ancient Greek comedy with impressive costumes at the magical natural landscape of the volcano!
Do not miss the comedy ORNITHES (THE BIRDS), one of the most beautiful and impressive works of ancient Greek comic playwright Aristophanes! The story is about two Athenian citizens, who are tired of city life, leaving Athens and looking for a quiet place to live at the mountains, where they find the birds in order to build together a new city between heaven and earth!
The play, which is in Greek, apart from its lively comical aspect, expresses the timeless desire of people in search of a utopian world in hard times.
The ticket of 10 euros includes the transfer by boat to the volcano either from the main port of Athinios at 18:30, or from the old port of Fira at 18:45, returning at approximately 21.00.