May 29, 2016

Morning Celebration in Akrotiri

The memory of Agia Theodosia, the protector of the 5 old castles in Santorini, is celebrated today. That’s why there was a temple dedicated to the Saint near each castle entrance. Agia Theodosia was from Constantinople and lived there in the early 8th century and even gave her own life defending the icon of Christ over the Chalke Gate of the palace. She was then considered the protector of the castles because of her effort to protect the palace which was surrounded by walls.

Today’s day is dedicated to St. Theodosia, patron of Akrotiri village. After the morning mass, at about 10am, the philharmonic orchestra of the municipality of Thira will give a melodious touch to the celebrations at the church of St. Theodosia. Do not miss the experience to celebrate together with the friendly locals!