May 21, 2016

A local celebration

An interesting custom in Greece is the celebration of the name day, apart from the birthday.
"Hronia Polla" then to all Constantines and Helens, and maybe ... you will get a treat as required by custom! Today, 21 May, is the name day of the patron saint of Manolas, the capital of Thirasia. It is an opportunity to visit Santorini’s unknown neighbor, the island of Thirasia and go back in time to see how Greece was in the '50s!

Weather permitting, in Santorini there will be celebrations at Panagia Episkopi at Mesa Gonia, on the way to Kamari, and St. Constantine in Kontochori and Oia. After the service follows “panygyres”, where food and wine is served for free to all attendees.