Oct 2, 2015

The Archaeologist Spyros Marinatos

Exactly 41 years have passed since the death of one of the most prominent archaeologists and important people in Santorini: Spyros Marinatos. 
Spyros Marinatos, worked in Santorini from 1967 until his death in 1974 and was the archaeologist who brought to light the vast and untouched buried city of Akrotiri, which had disappeared from the surface of the earth in the 17th century BC, due to the Minoan eruption. The amazing discovery was obviously a milestone on the history and evolution of Santorini. He also argued that Santorini was the lost city of Atlantis as it was described by Plato in his book Kritias.
Spyros Marinatos died from an accident in the same town he discovered and devoted his life, in Akrotiri, on 1 October 1974. His tomb is located opposite the guardhouse at the entrance of Akrotiri.