Oct 3, 2015

Red Bull Art of Motion in Oia!

This year's anniversary Red Bull Art of Motion is being held, for the 5th time in a row on Santorini island. This competition which has gained a worldwide recognition, for the first time after all these years will change its racing “field” and move to the astonishing and romantic Oia. In this new natural ground the 18 best freerunners of the world will compete with their style, technique and tricks to win a place on the podium. The final team of the 18 athletes consists of the top 6 of 2014, 4 men and 3 women athletes that came first at the preliminary online races, and 5 athletes that won the preliminary fights the day before yesterday in Santorini.
Four experienced judges will evaluate the competitor, and apart from the three winning awards the CU will give a prize to the freerunner who will show his or her best …restart self with the Best Trick Award. The races will start at 16.00, and many people are expected to watch this astonishing super show. In the same time, through internet, these pictures that take your breath will travel all over the world.