Oct 18, 2015

Akrotiri in Vlychada

The prehistoric town of Akrotiri is often compared to Pompeii, although it is about 1,700 years older. The city flourished before the Minoan eruption of the volcano in 1613 BC and was one of the most important ports in the region. The wealth and civilization of this cosmopolitan settlement can be easily distinguished by the houses with their frescoes, the layout of the town, the squares and the everyday objects which were buried under the ashes.
Today it is one of the most famous and most important archaeological monuments all over the world. The excavations that started in 1967 have uncovered magnificent objects of that time, and the operation of the conservation laboratories and the site is absolutely necessary. 

In the recent years, due to the financial crisis in Greece, the manager of the excavations, Professor Christos Doumas is trying to raise money for this cause. Aiming to the financial support of this effort, Santorini Arts Factory, cooperating with the cultural association “Estia of Pyrgos”, “La Ponta”, and under the sponsorship of Thera municipality, has organized a whole day of events promoting the Excavations of Akrotiri.
With last year’s money that came from people’s and sponsors’ participation, the laboratories managed to operate for some months. That is why we ask for your help in this year’s event, by attending the artistic workshops, the exhibitions and the concerts and also offering your donation.
In Santorini Arts Factory, Vlychada