Oct 26, 2015

Agios Dimitrios

Today, all over Greece we are celebrating the memory of Agios (Saint) Dimitrios, a great martyr of the Orthodox Church. His name is often given to newborn boys and girls, Dimitris and Dimitra, as it is one of the Greeks’ favourites.
In the past, the autumn date of celebrating Agios Dimitrios and the eastern on which Agios Georgios is celebrated (23 April) were time cuts within the year, as they divided it in two equal parts, the winter and the summer semesters. Great fests and celebrations are taking place everywhere in Greece and of course the most important ones happen in Thessaloniki, whose patron saint is Agios Dimitrios.
In Santorini, celebrations are scheduled in many churches and the most significant one is in Mesaria in the center of the village: the big church dedicated to Agios Dimitrios. After the morning mass, there is the icon procession around the church and after this panigyris (free food and wine) is offered to the believers. Give your wishes to all those who have their name today!