Sep 24, 2015

Santofriends' suggestions!

I would like to share with you some of my favorites things to experience and places to visit in our small island. If you have missed any of those, then you should definitely come back next year…

1. Go to Ammoudi for lunch
Walk down the path from Oia or just use a car, taxi or your hotels’ transfer bus (little chance to get a parking place there). Don’t rush but enjoy the view to the Caldera. The port of Ammoudi is the photographers’ favorite spot. This picturesque village under the huge red rocks hosts a few houses and taverns. Pick up a tavern and have a lunch by the sea. I recommend you to cross over to Thirasia by boat. 

2. Release your emotions during the sunset
Oia Castle has become the most famous sunset place in the world. Live the experience and watch the sunset surrounded by thousands of friends. It is not like having a romantic moment. It is more like participating in a global ceremony where people say “thanks” to the sun for its contribution to life… If you are a “sunset hunter” and still want to share a moment with your significant other, just go to Akrotiri, Imerovigli or Pyrgos or any cliff on the edge of the Caldera. You are going to remember this for ever…

3. Visit a cave house
The local architecture is really unique. “Yposkafa” (cave houses or arc houses) are houses built or sculptured by the locals to protect their families from the severe weather conditions and the gusty winds. Nowadays, architects have turned these cave houses into modern and luxurious resorts. It is worth experiencing the feeling while being in a cave house. You will get this deep feeling of safety and warmth.

4. Explore the island’s history

Visiting Akrotiri and then the Museum of Prehistoric Thera will let you travel into the long and rich history of the island. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera hosts important findings and paintings. Impressive furniture mouldings, bronze pottery items and the unique golden statuette of the wild goat were in the dark for more than 3,000 years.