Sep 9, 2015

Pyrgos for a walk

There was only a single entrance to the medieval castle of Pyrgos. On top of the entrance there was a square building from which boiling oil was thrown on the intruders who were trying to breach the entrance. Below the castle, a system of tunnels was the residents’ protection and escape plan in case of emergency. The newer, more aristocratic village is built out of the fortified walls of the castle. At the square in front of the castle entrance, the aristocrats used to gather to chat.

In one of those old central points where the old paths of the medieval castle meet, above the central square, a few months ago, “CROSSROAD ANTIQUES” was created.
In the abandoned buildings where the two old grocery stores were situated, a new place has been born, full of magnificent old objects – antiques. Walk to these paths, visit this antique shop and let your imagination free to travel, inspired by all these beloved objects of past times.