Sep 14, 2015


Kasteli 1663 art gallery + café is located in the building that includes the only remaining entrance of the medieval castle of Pyrgos village.

Tonight at 20.30, the openings of two exhibitions which share the same title “HUSH” take place. The interaction between the observer and the landscape caused through images and sounds of Santorini is starting point that both exhibitions have in common. More specifically at the ground floor of the building, a photography exhibition by Boris Stout will be exposed under the title “Winter” and its theme is the snowy scenery of Oia on winter 1983. At the same time on the first floor the visitors will have the chance to participate in the sound installation “Still Here” by Alyssa Moxley and Ramona Stout. It is a project that includes processed sound recordings coming from Santorini.

Every day 10.00-14.00 and 15.00-22.00