Sep 11, 2015

Atlantis Arts & Literature Festival

Probably you didn’t discover the Lost Atlantis on your arrival to Santorini island, but you’ll find easy to discover the famous Bookstore “Atlantis”, in Oia.
A group of friends from Cyprus, England and USA, enchanted by the beauty of Santorini, created in 2004 this spectacular place, which has been mentioned in the international press many times. As you walk down the stairs to enter the bookstore, from the main path of Oia, you have a feeling like entering or diving in a warm underground colored lake, with its painted ceiling and walls and the wooden handmade selves full of special books.

This weekend, don’t miss “Atlantis” Festival, a festival of words, art, music and wine on Atlantis Bookshop terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea. At 19.30, Julian Gargulio (piano solist) is performing at Panigirospito Oias, at 22.00 Greek authors Soti Triantafyllou and Amanda Michalopoulou are expecting you at Atlantis Bookshop as well as their colleague Augustos Corteau at 23.30.