Sep 1, 2015

1st September

“Kalo mina”, or have a great month, as we say in Greek. September has just arrived but summer is still here to welcome you on your holidays!
First day of September today, the ninth month of the year. The name September was given to this month because of its position in the ancient Roman calendar, which contained ten months September was in number “septem” (seven). It is also named “Stavritis”, due to one of the greatest celebrations of Orthodox Church on the 14th, the Raise of the Holly Cross. The word “cross” in Greek is “Stavros”.
Even if the weather continues to be hot and summery, September is the first month of autumn.
The new academic year begins in a few days, vacations come to an end for most of the people, and generally the preparations for winter begin little by little. The autumnal equinox on the 23rd is the official “opening” of the autumn.   

All of you of course who are in Santorini for vacations during this month, you should feel even more lucky, as it is commonly believed that September is the best month for spending holidays on this unique and magical island.