Aug 2, 2015

Removement in Vlychada

‘Removement’ constitutes a visual arts exhibition, which aims at interpreting, attributing and synthetically presenting motion or/and alteration, which characterizes a land, through the creative utilisation of mixed media. Every demonstration of change, power, reaction or/and alteration is expressed as an arrival or departure of a state, an emotion or a picture. The above action and energy is equivalent to the word ‘mobility’, which, in its turn, has numerous dimensions both conceptually and practically. 
The island of Santorini constitutes a symbolic starting point for the project Removement, as the island itself constitutes an environment which is synonymous to the endless motion and volatility. 
Α solo exhibition of Zilvinas Kempinas and the solo exhibition entitled «STILL" of the Greek artist George Maraziotis. Furthermore, the Greek artist Stella Bolonaki presents an in situ lighting installation entitled «Time Slots» and the video-art «Removement».

At Santorini Arts Factory, Vlychada, daily 10:00 to 20:00