Aug 13, 2015

Photography Exhibition: Pedras Canto

A very interesting photo exhibition takes place in the beautiful gallery Kasteli 1663, at the entrance of Pyrgos Castle.
Carlos Murad is a Visual Artist, Professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro. He stayed in Kasteli 1663, as an Artist in Residence in April and May 2015, studying the particularity of the volcanic landscape, imprinted with traces of human presence in the natural and built environment. 
With his photographs, he tries to capture the far side of landscapes and objects, to explore what lies behind the bright surface of things, to reveal the forgotten traces of people's lives.  He is also fascinated by Easter at Pyrgos, the contrast between light and darkness and between day and night and by the relationship between the stones of the buildings in the dense blue of the sky.
Open daily 10.00 – 20.00