Aug 1, 2015

Kalo Mina! Welcome August

One of the hottest months of the year, usually the month that the grape’s harvest begins and the holidays for most of the people too.
In ancient Athens, the biggest celebration of the city honoring goddess Athina, the Panathinaia took place in August. Nowadays, almost the whole month is dedicated to Virgin Mary, with the Prayers, the Fastening, her Sleep at the 15th of August, and the deposit of the Holly Belt on the 31st of August with which the church year ends. 

The name August was given to honour the Roman Emperor Octavian August, while its previous name was Sextilis. In 40 B.C., Octavian added one more day in August, having taken it away from February, so it became equal to July that had 31 days. 
During the Byzantine years, August was the last month of the year, and the New Year’s Eve was on the 1st of September.
Maybe, due to the nice hot weather and the general good mood because of the vacations, it is the most joyful month of the year, and as one of the many old sayings goes:

“August, my dear month, would you be twice a year!