Aug 23, 2015

Ifaisteia 2015, day 3

The three days of celebrating “IFAISTEIA 2015” are finishing today and in this last day the program of the fest is focused  in the area of the Volcano, from Nea Kameni, with the representation of the Volcanic explosion, up to the caldera at Fira, with the events taking place in front of the Metropolis.
At 18.00 “Thiraioi Band” are starting the musical events with their “modern” way of tradition.
At 19.00 comes traditional violin player Vassalos with his children.

At 20.00 Spyros Pan leads to the sunset with his international sounds.
At 20.40 the famous Ioanna Karamolegou with her vocal abilities, makes us see the colours of the sky during sunset in a new and different  way, stimulating our senses, in order to enjoy the outmost of the iconic explosion of the Volcano.

At 21.30 Giannis Pantazis and the group of Namaste are taking over after the pick of the happenings on the volcanic islands, and drive us to the highest level of today’s musical experience concluding the celebrations of this year.