Aug 24, 2015

A walk at Megalochori, by the HCC

During the walk, you can learn about culture, history, architecture and tradition. The life of Megalochori residents really attracts us to the life that preserves the Greek character and vitality of the islanders. Every time we go out for a stroll, we pass the square and gather some smiles. Smiles from passers-by, villagers and from shopkeepers. You, in turn, often try to have a small talks and interact with locals to encourage them to slowly open up to us, recounting their unique experiences. Furthermore, Megalochori is also home to the largest vineyard of Santorini, which produces unique wines with heady flavours and intense aromas.
In Megalochori, you can eat and drink well: there are 10 restaurants and 4 wineries in this village alone! 
So, get to know the authentic Greeks, taste wine offered and produced by the owners themselves and learn about the history and architecture of one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini. 
Price: 10 euro 
Place: Megalochori, Hellenic Culture Centre (opposite “Geromanolis” tavern) 
Time : 18:30- 20:30 

Reservation needed: (0030)-210 5238149,