Jul 22, 2015

Thirasia at Santorini Arts Factory

Thirasia, for many the alter ego of Santorini, is a small island that remains unchanged from the modern development. This is the reason Thirasia is placed under the program Thalis, in a research on “Timeless, island cultures: the case of Thirasia”. Researchers of various specializations of important Greek Universities and Institutions are participating in this program. Its target is discovering and realizing the space and the human presence in the island, from the first traces up to the recent times.

Within the range of this program, Santorini Arts Factory has organized today’s event, which includes the presentation of the program itself, a piece of Zacharias Mavroeidis’ documentary “Dekapente” (fifteen) and a musical event from Acoustic Quartet: four musicians that are experimenting for many years with the Greek and Arabic traditional music, present a program full of songs and organic rhythms of Asia Minor, Eastern Aegean and Arabic world.
At SAF, Vlychada, 20.30, admission is free.