Jul 8, 2015

Stroggyli Festival, Day 1

The 2nd Music Festival Strogyle is here, organised by DAPPOS, from 9 to 12 July, where many famous Greek music artists are invited on stage for four days full of music! Santorinian Flora Hrysou is lighting the fire today, accompanied by guitar and by songwriter Chris Ninios in an attempt to reintroduce themselves. Petros Theotokatos then follows, a representative of Greek rock scene performing his own songs as well as favorite remakes from the international rock scene. And finally the whole band man ... Alkibiades Konstantopoulos plays various instruments in a program full of humor and originality. The concerts will take place in the courtyard of DAPPOS Sporst Center in Karterados and starts at 20:30 until ... the music stops. 
Admission for the first day is free.