Jul 12, 2015

Speech about Akrotiri

The Prehistoric city of Akrotiri is a priceless monument of those times, and all the people visiting the excavations or the Museum with the findings and the frescoes leave their imagination to travel back in time. Who really hasn’t asked questions as how did people lived in Akrotiri, what jobs did they do, what was their standards of life? Nanno Marinatos, the daughter of the first archaeologist who brought in the surface the buried city, is trying with her book AKROTIRI THE BIOGRAPHY OF A LOST CITY to give life to the city mainly through the frescoes.
Nanno Marinatos a professor of Classical Studies of Illinois University, is offering her own version of everyday life of the prehistoric inhabitants of Akrotiri through the eyes of a Goddess that appears in the wall paintings. Today at 20:00 at the Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center at Fira you can attend to the English and Russian edition of this book. Christos Doumas, Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology of Athens University will make a speech. It is definitely an interesting writing attempt to explore the past.