Jun 27, 2015

The Fisherman is back!

“The Fisherman”, the famous wall painting of the Western House of the Prehistoric village of Akrotiri is exhibited again at the Prehistoric Museum of Fira. This well preserved wall painting, which will be permanently exhibited in this museum, is in its hometown for the first time after 45 years!
It is one of the most important pieces of art of the Aegean painting of the prehistoric period and consists a study of the male body of this period. The main theme is a young male figure, probably a fisherman who holds in each of his hands a bunch of fish tied together with a string, a common picture of fishermen over the centuries. Like all the paintings of those period, it is made in a realistic way in showing two dimensions. The body of the young man is naked coloured with brown and red ochre, while his shaved head is light blue, the colour the painters conventionally used for gray colour.
As for the fish that are hanging, the artist used the technique of overlapping that gave depth to the static figures.
It’s surely worth meeting this young man from the past!