Nov 1, 2014

A different Santorini

Let us summarize the 'best' features of Santorini at this time of year.
1. The trail Fira - Oia. The popular trail at the caldera rim will surely amaze you by offering you the most spectacular walk of your life. The weather is perfect for hiking, however do not forget your hat, when the sun is hot, and a flask with water.
2. Ancient Thera. At the impressive archaeological site on Mesa Vouno Mountain, we can see the phases of society development for many centuries.
3. Excursion to the volcano. Sail to the crater of the most famous active volcano in the world. Here, however, you do not risk of being burned by the hot lava, but you will be surrounded by the refreshing waters of the Aegean Sea.
4. Sightseeing in Akrotiri. The ancient city, ideally preserved under the ashes of the eruption of the 17th century BC, was discovered some 3,500 years later by archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos. Explore the area and experience a three-dimensional image of the Archipelago vibrant history. After visiting Akrotiri, do not forget to see its amazing exhibits at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, where they were moved to be preserved better.
5. Sunset from anywhere on the island. Whether at the castle in beautiful Oia, at the imposing rock of Skaros, at the lighthouse at Akrotiri or elsewhere, the sunset in Santorini will be placed among the most treasured travel memories.
6. Walk in Emporio. Inside the castle, the visitor is impressed by the tiny streets, windows and doors that used to confuse pirates and to protect the settlement.