Oct 24, 2014

Three day celebrations for Saint DImitrios

Agios Dimitrios is celebrated on 26 October across Greece and he is the patron saint and protector of the village of Mesaria, in our island. So, different village organizations are planning three day festivities, "Demetria 2014" to honor the saint.
So, this afternoon you can attend a musical performance by performer Sotiris Doganis entitled "With the lights of the Nation." Anna Bithikotsi, daughter of the great folk singer Grigoris Bithikotsis, participates in the narrative.
Soloists Catherine Megalou (piano - vocals) and Spyros Konsolakis (classical guitar), as well as the Vocal Ensemble "Hymnodoi" participate too.
In Patinioteio Parish Center, at 19.00