Oct 6, 2014

Santorini in the Past

Santorini, before becoming a bustling international tourist destination, was a relatively poor island, where the volcanic ground was particularly difficult to cultivate, let alone to feed livestock.
 Residents cultivated a few vegetables (such as cherry tomatoes and white eggplants), fava beans, barley and went fishing.
Water for extensive crop or tree cultivation did not exist and the meat was rare in their diet and came mostly from hunting birds.
So, how was food conserved before electricity came to the island? Several methods were used:

1. Removing the moisture and drying in the sun (eg figs, raisins, sundried tomatoes, capers)
2. Curing with coarse salt (eg salted birds)
3. Brine (eg local cheese)
4. Adding vinegar to prevents oxidation
5. Adding vinegar and various herbs (eg fish)
6. Adding sugar (sweets)