Oct 18, 2014

Cousteau in Santorini

The son of the famous scientist and explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, Pierre-Yves Cousteau, is in Santorini to coordinate a two-day event on "The Marine Protected Area of Santorini: the next steps ", today and tomorrow.
The event aims to inform and sensitize the public about the efforts to create a Marine Protected Area in Santorini, and to discuss with various organisations on the issue.
More specifically, the presentations today will focus on the benefits of protected areas, on ecology and on the importance and suitability of the Akrotiri region to create a marine protected area
, as well as the legal framework summarising the efforts. Then members of local organisations will state their opinion on this issue.
This very interesting event is held at the Estia of Pyrgos Cultural Association, in Pyrgos and it starts at 18.00 today. Admission is free.