Oct 22, 2014

Akrotiri before the eruption

The eruption of the Santorini (Thera) volcano, otherwise known as the Minoan eruption, took place in approximately the 17th century BC, in the Bronze Age.  
At that time the island of Thera had 30,000 inhabitants, a flourishing economy and was part of the world’s first European civilisation - the Cycladic and Minoan civilisation. The houses in Akrotiri- the main port of the island at the time- were twο or even three storey high, had highly developed drainage system, and exquisite wall paintings.
The islanders were involved in trade, agriculture and wine-making. There was no army or defensive castles for protection. All evidence found leads us to believe that the islanders were sophisticated and cultured people that enjoyed a calm, peaceful and wealthy life, as it is clearly depicted in the frescoes found in the Akrotiri excavations.