Aug 24, 2014

Tonight, the volcano will explode!

Once a year, the volcanic island of Santorini celebrates its creator volcano without which Santorini wouldn’t be on the map! The established "Ifestia", the representation of volcanic eruptions taking place every August in Santorini, will offer a unique spectacle for thousands of visitors this year.
Fireworks are placed on the craters of the active volcanic island of Nea Kameni in the center of the unique sea caldera. Images, colors and sounds of the alleged explosion will compose once again an unforgettable experience, while the launching fireworks will provoke various sensations and emotions.
The tripods are set up early in the various peaks of the caldera, the flash of cameras lit continuously at the climax of the fireworks.

Do not worry, fireworks have no effect whatsoever on the awakening of the volcano! Scientists argue that Santorini’s violent explosions occur every 20.000 years. Only 3.600 years have passed since the last major eruption, so we still have approximately 16.400 years of holidays in Santorini! Picture that …
The event starts tonight at 21.00