Aug 28, 2014

Santofest 2014: two day cultural festival

Are you ready for two days full of events with traditional music bands, dancing, art exhibitions against racism and a great concert? SantoFest 2014 is here, with a two-day cultural festival against racism.
The festival starts with a dance performance in latin, tango, hip hop and modern rhythms, a cooperation of well known choreographers and dancers at 20:00. A musical journey from Greece follows where local musicians play the lyre, lute, guitar, bouzouki and melodic dulcimer at 21:30.
During the concerts and performances, videos and short films will be shown, as well as photography and painting exhibitions by children of the Primary school of Oia entitled "Children’s look to racism."

The events, organized by the Youth Initiative of Oia with the cooperation of the Cretan Association of Santorini "Arkadi" will be held in the area of the desalination plant in Oia.
Free admission.