Aug 12, 2014

One island, many names!

Throughout the centuries, Santorini has changed many names apart from shapes!
In the beginning, in around 3,000 BC it was called Stroggyli (=round) because of its round shape before the Minoan eruption. Afterwards it was called “Kallisti” by the Phoenicians, which means the most beautiful. After the eruption, the island was uninhabited for 5 centuries, until the Spartans colonized the island and named it after their King Thiras. Thera is the official name even nowadays.
During the Middle Ages, after the Venetians conquered the island, it was called “Santa Irini”, which later became Santorini.
So, don’t get confused since the name of the island is Thera and the name of the capital is Firá. But don’t worry, it all sounds Greek to you!