Aug 1, 2014

Megaro Gyzi Festival starts today!

Megaro Gyzi Festival 2014 starts tonight, with the opening of the printmaking exhibition entitled COPPER ENGRAVINGS: Two friends 'chat'.
In this August celebration of culture, visual arts and music events are included in the Cultural Center Megaro Gyzi festival, organized for the eighth consecutive year! The festival takes place in the old 17th century mansion in Fira, from 1 to 23 August.
This year's festival is dedicated to the memory of the important Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis, since it was exactly 20 years ago that he passed away. Songs written by the great Greek composer will be heard in every concert of the festival.
The exhibition today includes the engraving work of two friends, who despite their close friendship had never exhibited their works together: Panagiotis Tetsis, an academic and a great painter and the deceased close friend Lambros Orfanos, one of the most important Greek printmakers. The exhibition, which runs until August 23, starts at 9.00 in the evening with free admission.