Aug 23, 2014

Ancient Greek Mythology: Zeus … the creator of Santorini’s underwater caldera

No other island is mentioned so often in myths as Santorini, mainly due to its volcanic activity! So, according to mythology, Zeus, the king of the 12 gods In ancient Greece, during a battle against the Titans, shoved his huge left hand inside Santorini and grabbed a huge piece of rock that was thrown against his enemies! As a result the island of Stroggyli (the former name of Santorini, which was a round island back then) still has the mark of Zeus’ left hand on the west side, where there are 4 gulfs: Oia, Fira, Athinios and Akrotiri, while his forehand separated the island of Santorini from Thirasia creating the passage of sea inside the caldera! Therefore, according to this myth, Zeus managed to win the Titans and is also the creator of the unique underwater caldera of Santorini!