Aug 31, 2014

Ancient Eating Habits

It is known that the Minoan eruption of the 17th century BC buried the thriving city of Akrotiri under tons of ash. Thus, when archaeologists excavated the site, valuable information about our ancestors’ diet was discovered.
It appears that the inhabitants of Santorini cultivated and ate fava beans, lentils, barley and olives. They loved figs and ​​imported snails from Crete. They also liked fish and seafood while their aristocracy enjoyed the "good" piece of fish! Meat was relatively scarce and mainly limited to cattle.

From the unearthed ceramic pottery, we also learn that their food was boiled or grilled and souvlaki was a delicacy!
Therefore, Mediterranean diet, which scientists believe is one of the world's leading diets, seems to have originated from ancient times...