Jul 31, 2014

Two Dance Performances in One Night

The events of Santorini Arts Factory in the Old Tomato Factory in Vlychada continue today and tomorrow August 1st, with two dance performances: «Duende» and «Eyes in the colors of the rain».
«Duende» by the dance theater of Natasha Zouka. A choreography made ​​of silence and fragile balance. The archetype journey that goes on in life. Positive-Negative, Male-Female ...
«Eyes in the colors of the rain» of the Rootless Root. The hazardous andhigh voltage” movement remain at the heart of the “Rootless Root” team’s work. In their new work though, there are stylistic variations in the flow of the show and a new poetic breath characterizes their work with the tenderness often supplementing onstage the paroxysmal action.

The two performances will be presented in the same area with a break in-between. Start time: 21:00