Jul 12, 2014

Santorini Arts Factory Exhibitions

The group exhibition of painting, sculpture and construction-video «White, Grey and a little Red» opens tonight. Various artists present their work that uses the primary components of the unique landscape of Santorini, encompassing symbolically the dominant white and gray colours, but also a little red from the tomatoes.
The photography exhibition by the renowned American J. Joshua GarrickImprinting the Ancient Beauty” is also launched tonight.
The lens of the photographer captures and immortalizes ancient sculptures, addressing issues such as life and death, youth and old, beauty, joy and loss, love, mortality and immortality.
The solo sculpture exhibition by Stelios Panagiotopoulos "The ship Neraida" is presented for the first time in Santorini. The sculptures are made ​​from parts of the famous ship “Neraida” which was sailing in the Aegean Sea until 1974 and was converted into a museum, since the owner considered it his lucky ship and refused to make it scrap!
All exhibitions are open to the public daily 10:00 to 19:00 until September 15th.