Jul 31, 2014

Photography Exhibition ...and more

The island of Santorini before touristic development was very different, with a completely different daily routine. The exhibition of photographs, documents and materials entitled "Scenes from the recent past: Land, Production and Society in Santorini of the 60s" by architect Tonia Nousia is opening today to remind us of Santorini in the 1960s.
During the opening ceremony the documentary "Thirean Matins”, filmed in Santorini in 1967, will be shown, followed by a discussion on "What I see I've lived: when experience becomes history" with live narrations and testimonials about the everyday life of the island by people who lived during that decade.

The event is organized by the Estia of Pyrgos Cultural Association at "Kastelli 1663" exhibition hall at the entrance of Pyrgos’ castle at 20.00. Free Admission.