May 19, 2014


On 4th May, Santorini Theatrical Workshop presented a short version/study of the Greek tragedy "Agamemnon" in Ancient Greek! Aeschylus’ famous tragedy describes Agamemnon’s return from Troy as the winner and Greeks’ leader and his murder by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.
 “Agamemnon” is the first part of the trilogy "Oresteia" (458 BC), the only remaining ancient trilogy

According to the director, Stella Karampelopoulou, "The experience was amazing! We were told that no play had ever been put up before in the Castle of Oia!  
Secondly although there were over 400 people in the castle, there was ​​absolute silence. The audience was just amazing! 
 Many foreigners were especially moved as quite a lot knew Ancient Greek! 
The landscape in general and the intensity of the play led to the final "catharsis" (purification) which is the aim of tragedy!"