Apr 14, 2014

The most famous caldera

Santorini's caldera is probably the most famous in the world. Why? Because one can see and visit the cliffs and rim of the active volcano, without the fear of being burned alive! The volcanic eruption, also known as Minoan, took place in about 1613 BC, blowing the island up in the air or sinking it in the bottom of the sea. As a result, a caldera was formed, which has now the largest diameter in the world.
Since the crater is now filled with sea water, a visitor can admire the unique geological formations either by sailing around the caldera on a boat or by visiting the cliffs on foot. On the top of the caldera, small, white houses hang over the cliffs and offer a marvellous veiw to the visitors! This is why Santorini is consideres "an open book of geology"