Apr 5, 2014


Santorini is a unique island with exceptional soil and climatic characteristics. The dry, volcanic soil is the main reason for the existence of specific local products which make the island famous..It should be noted that Santorini, before becoming an international tourist destination, was a relatively poor island, where the dry and volcanic land, was particularly hard in cultivation and farming .

For their survival, residents cultivated a few vegetables (such as tomatoes and eggplants) and went fishing. Water for extensive crop farming or tree planting did not exist and the meat was rare in the residents' diet and came mainly from hunting birds.Those difficult years have passed and the island, with the upcoming tourist development, improved its income and living conditions . Nowadays the products are not only advertised and cooked in homes but also in Santorini restaurants. Furthermore, 2013 was celebrated as the " Year of Gastronomy " and the island made a great impressions both locally and internationally!.